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Returns and Refunds

Item Damaged

If the customer receives a damaged product, we will need to verify this information as soon as possible. 

An order is eligible for a full product price refund if the carrier tracking shows that the package was damaged in transit.

If tracking shows that the package was successfully delivered, we will need proof of damage from the customer. Specifically, we will need to receive the images that clearly display the reported damage (including at least 1 image where we can clearly see the UPC on the product) as well as the images of the container that it arrived in with all its contents.

If we receive clear proof that the delivered item(s) were damaged – we will be able to issue a full refund on the product.

Damage claims on orders for non-perishable products must be reported within thirty (30) days to be considered for a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: Damage claims on orders for frozen, refrigerated and perishable products must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery date.



No Longer Needed/Wanted

In case the customer simply wants to return the item (e.g. if they are not happy with it), we can offer our customers a refund on the product -25% restocking fee. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the original packaging and must not be out of date at the time the return is received.

Please keep in mind that the shipping fee is non-refundable and is not eligible for a pre-paid shipping label.


Item Not Received

If tracking shows the package was delivered but the recipient disputes it, we will open an investigation with the carrier.

Under these circumstances, refunds are not guaranteed, and you are obligated as a member to cooperate in the handling of such a claim.  Failure to cooperate may result in a denial of the refund.


Return to Sender (RTS)

Generally, packages that are returned back to sender are subject to a refund less 25% restocking fee and shipping charges. This applies, but is not limited, to instances where the address was incorrectly inputted when the order was placed, where the recipient refused delivery, refused to pick up the package and where the address is deemed invalid by the carrier.



In cases where you believe the carrier mistakenly failed to deliver the package, we will file a claim with the carrier. Your cooperation is expected on this claim. Failure to cooperate may lead to denial of the claim and ineligibility for a refund.

Orders placed with may take up to 5 business days to be completely processed, depending on their content and the time of the year.

COVID-19 update: Due to the state of emergency, the lead-times for our orders have increased to 2+ weeks. 

Orders that are canceled prior to crossing the 3 weeks mark may not be refunded fully – all orders that have been fully or partially processed by the time we receive a cancellation notice are subject to our 25% restocking fee. 

If the order is to be subjected to a restocking fee, a confirmation request is sent to a customer where we ask that the customer confirms that they still wish for the order to be canceled. Such orders will only be put on hold and refunded after we receive the confirmation from the customer. 

The restocking fee may also apply to orders that contain over 5 different SKUs in the case that we have more than 50% of products available and the customer refuses to have the order shipped out partially. 

FBA orders – The cancellation of FBA orders (and refunds for the products that are excluded from FBA orders per the customer’s request) are always charged with a restocking fee of 25% or more.


No wheat, no barley, no rye.

These items only exclude ingredients that contain gluten. Choose this option if you’re not worried about lactose, eggs, nuts, beans, or seeds.

No milk, no milk products.

These items exclude milk-derived ingredients and are also gluten-free. Choose this option if you’re not worried about eggs, beans, nuts, or seeds.

Our AIP Protocol Picks .

We know that following an Auto-Immune Protocol diet can be tough. These items do not include any grains, milk-derived ingredients, eggs, nuts, beans, or seeds.